IELTS Speaking Part 1 | In what kind of places do you like to go shopping?

Suggested Answer:

For me,1 shopping can be a bit boring, so I prefer places where I can buy everything at once and get out as soon as possible. This means that whenever I need to buy things,2 I tend to3 stick to4 shopping centres, high streets and large supermarkets. That way, I don’t have to waste my time shopping and can do something more fun instead.5


1For me is an informal phrase used in spoken English that clarifies the opinion relates only to the speaker and that other people may think differently.

For me, the last two seasons of Game of Thrones were terrible.
Twenty nineteen was a bad year for me.
For me, Seoul is the most exciting city in the world.

2 – For both the IELTS Speaking and Writing sections, to attain band 6+, you need to use complex sentences. Whenever x, y is a fairly easy structure to use, and it also counts a complex sentence. Both x and y should be complete sentences in the same tense separated by a comma.

Whenever school was cancelled, I was so happy.
Whenever it rains, I stay in and read a book.

As with other subordinating conjunctions, the subordinate clause (the whenever x part of the sentence) can be moved to the end of the sentence and the comma disappears.

I was so happy whenever school was cancelled.
I stay in and read a book whenever it rains.

3 – In this sentence, to tend is used to indicate what the subject typically does. You can place it before the infinitive of a verb as a good way to paraphrase typically, normally and usually.

On Sundays, I typically go to the gym. = On Sundays, I tend to go to the gym.
I usually meet my friends in a coffee shop. = I tend to meet my friends in a coffee shop.

4 To stick to something is a phrasal verb that means to continue doing/using something when there is a possibility of change. It should be followed by a noun.

Would you like a beer? No, thanks. I’ll stick to orange juice.
Even though most of my friends swam at school, I stuck to playing hockey.

Notice in the last example, playing (hockey) is a gerund, i.e. a verb functioning as a noun.

5 – This last sentence is meant in a jokey manner. If you feel comfortable, making the occasional fun comment is a good way to get most examiners on your side. They’re only human and hear the same answers again and again, so if you can add a little brightness into their day, do it!

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