IELTS Speaking Part 1 | How often do you watch television?

Suggested Answer:

To be honest,1 I don’t really watch much TV these days as I’m pretty busy with work and have a couple of small children. Having said that,2 I’m a huge boxing fan, so I usually watch a couple of fights at the weekend. On average, I’d say I probably watch television3 two or three4 times a week.5


1To be honest is an informal phrase used in spoken English when beginning an unexpected answer.

When did you last go to the cinema? To be honest, I can’t remember when I last went.
Where do you normally go to read? To be honest, I haven’t read a book in years.

2Having said that functions the same way as however. It is used in spoken English at the beginning of a statement to contrast with the previous statement.

I don’t like pizza. Having said that, I had it for dinner last night.
Drinking in London is so expensive. Having said that, Wetherspoons is pretty cheap.

3 – Remember how important paraphrasing is. If you use the word television in one sentence, try using TV in the next. Don’t keep repeating the same word or phrases.

4 – When the number of times you do something usually changes, avoid using exact numbers. I go to the cinema three times a month sounds weird, as if you go exactly three times every month. I go to the cinema two or three times a month sounds more natural. However, for activities that you (almost) always do the same number of times, exact numbers are fine, e.g. I eat three times a day.

I visit museums twice a year. I visit museums a couple of times a year.
We phone four clients a day. We phone four or five clients a day.
I shower once a day.

Common ways of showing inexactness include using two consecutive numbers (two or three times; four or five people) or phrases like a couple of and a few. As per the examples above, these phrases are used before the noun.

5 – Don’t forget to answer the question! If you find yourself deviating away from the original question, make sure you come back to it at the end.

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